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airsoft-need help buying Answered

so i got some money i wanna buy an airsoft gun just want to know is electric the type i should get or what maybe people could list some good guns



9 years ago

Spring: prone to jam (cheapest)
Electric: will possibly die while in a competition (if not for competitions this is the best)
CO2: takes some money for new cartridges (about 5 - 10 USD i think)

you should get a springer with a two compartment clip.

well you could always just buy a airsoft pistol and just carry more ammo

i need a new gun and my money limit is 150 what gun should i get

I got a good full metal ak-47, 350 fps. Anything full metal, and over 300 fps like spl1ntrc3ll said.

Depends, Gas (Co2) is the best but is expensive. Electric is good for machine guns (like the one below), unless you're ultra beginner, don't go below 300 fps. It depends on how much you like airsoft, and the type of gun you want.