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airsoft rpg/giant shotugn Answered

ok i finaly made a rpg for airsoft (usues my home made greandes) i might posted it up (dont have pic yet) and im gonna paint it but i need to change the presure system but i dont want to spend over 20 bucks per gun so im just wonering any other presure system?


how bought you use a hand pump and just when the air built up so much one more pump and BOOM!!! U GOT A ROCKET IN FLIGHT

Something you could do is either create a pressure chamber in the RPG and have a battery operated aircompressor hooked up to it. You will need to obviously wait several seconds for the pressure to build again, but if you reload while it builds, then it might be about full by the time it is reloaded. Also, this method is a bit faster, though it uses actual combustion which it seems some people here disapprove of. The combustion method is for you to essentially make it work like a potato cannon and have a way to directly inject the fuel without breaching the barrel and create an electrical ignition system. I intend on eventually building an airsoft RPG along with hopefully some kind of artillery piece so I will post both when I get them up. Good luck!

ive been wanting to build something like that for a while please post it!


10 years ago