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airsoft vs. paintball Answered

 which ones better


i go with airsoft cuz its more realistic, but paintball sounds fun. and can you guys also pick airsoft vs paintball on my poll for my site. lol i only have 5 votes. thanks! http://polldaddy.com/poll/5292891/


7 years ago

paintball. nothing provides a better rush than dodging flying paint, no question in my mind.

 There's already been a very heated debate over this.

It seems no matter what, both sides refuse to acknowledge the other's points. Each sees only the cheaper side of the opponent, and argues against it.  I expect to see a similar result here.

 Airsoft is rather vague. There's the Wallmart, backyard Airsoft that most people seem to equate to all Airsofters (clear guns that can't manage 100fps), and then there's war simulation Airsoft with $100+ replica guns that shoot upwards of 400fps.

Same with Paintball: you have Speedball and Woodsball.

As for me, I prefer Airsoft. The guns are extremely realistic replicas: true to scale and weight, sometimes even full metal. Paintball uses cumbersome markers with sight blocking ammo hoppers and heavy gas tanks, whereas Airsoft guns use realistic magazines. Airsoft feels more like I'm fighting a real war, but I have found that paintball gives me a greater adrenaline rush. All that heavy equipment pretty much requires it. ; ) 

 Besides, Airsoft BBs don't break up on impact with a twig. An enemy can't take cover behind a scraggly bush. : )

 Paintball.  It still contains sharp pains, and it is sticky!  

Now you have three ;)

Paintball for the win! More expensive but also cooler :D

wow, 2 veiws... im on a roll