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all right, i am trying to find a way to write a PYTHON program that can learn from what it is told? Answered

i also wish the program to be able to reply to questions asked about the facts it is told...

any suggestions where i should start? 


sorry guys that was an extreme typo the question is actually about how to do this in python... i really need to read before i post...

"Learning" programs are the be-all and end-all of programming. There are a few that tailor their responses to make pseudo intelligence seem real -- they operate on a fractal algorythm that narrows down your intended questions and statements into a subset of answers. It's huge. As others say below -- its virtually impossible to have any real progress with batch. Google: smarterchild. It's constantly growing 'intelligence' and can chat with you almost on a creepy level.

After I posted, I read that :( sadness. There are other AI projects, and they will come around soon. Apparently IBM has a team entering an AI robot on "Jeopardy!" the tv show, against real contestants. It has fixed knowledge, and has to parse the answers and come up with questions. Should be funny to see how it deals with the play on words questions.

... ... ... In BATCH?! All batch is good for is automating simple windows tasks, such as moving files, renaming batches of files in a certain order, locating certain files, etc... You are going to need a lot more capable language to create that in... Batch isn't even a language, it's a series of commands, one after the other...

+1 ! Learn to program properly, in a real language.

+2. Batch is not designed for interactive operations, nor for operations with persistant information. There are ways to force it to do some of that, but you'll spend ten times more effort in doing so than you would in any decent programming language, even if you have to learn that language first. It is possible to drive screws with a hammer. But it's massively unpleasant and produces really, really bad results. Get a tool which is better suited to the problem, or pick a different problem.


8 years ago

You can start by learning a programming language (Batch isn't one). Making this in Batch would be a terrible idea and it would take a really, really long time to do.