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altering sewing patterns: general and specific q's Answered

i'm currently working on a hoodie using a hoodie pattern, but i'm hoping to convert the hood into an obnoxiously oversized collar. and for the future, are there any general rules in making/altering sewing patterns?

( i got my pattern from http://thegreenpepper.com/adults.html #543 the hemmed hoodie. it was the closest to what i wanted)


Looks like all you've got to do is trunctate the "hood" part of things. By "obnoxiously oversized," do you mean average 1970s, or the sort of thing where you have to contact air traffic control before leaving the house? I would make a pattern of the collar that I want, and once I have it right, I'd take the old hoodie pattern and remove the hood portion, replacing it with the new collar, and attaching to the rest of the garmet the same way the hood was going to.

air traffic control. i followed the hood pattern and fixed the middle piece ( 3 part hood instead of 2, go figure) from rectangular to triangular because it wasn't fitting along the neck line/being flared how i wanted. thanks for the help <3

No problem. I've got a couple of those air traffic control ones...