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altoids i live in ireland so i only have 1 altoids tin from my friend in canada what is the best thing to make with it? Answered


If you want more tins then the coffee shop "insomnia" sell them

Marks & Spencers in England do a very similar mint in a very similar tin.
Try one of the branches in Ireland.
(When I asked an assistant where they kept the mints in my local shop, she very kindly led me to the 'tinned meats' section [mints . . . mince] ;¬)

Once you've got a load of tins, (and I've read the question properly) you can make any of THESE.

if you really wanted to, you can buy some empty tins on ebay

 depending on the stuff you like and the money you have to spend on it, i would make an altoids tazer... shock your fiends and enemies, i think i just struck gold.