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altoids taser Answered

altoids have always protected us from bad breath, why not muggers? if somebody could fit a disposable camera taser or something in an altoids tin, that would be AWESOME!


actually i fit a coilgun inside one, but the trigger messed up because it was rated with low amps, and then i put it in my moms purse when we were out eating, and i never saw it again...dang.


8 years ago

take a disposible camera apart and you got ur tazer there is about a billion tut for a disposible camera tazer

You probably don't want to use an altoids tin because there is always a possibility that you will get shocked if the wires touch the tin


10 years ago

That'd be relatively easy to do... depends what size altoids. And charge time, because you wouldn't want a live stun gun in your pocket.

probably the rectangular box, not the circular kind

iv made one a few days ago i might uplaod a instructable

Yeah, the circle kind is a tight fit.


10 years ago


The mod to turn this into a "taser" is pretty trivial, I'll leave it to your imaginations to prevent any liability issues. Also to prevent liability issues, don't build tasers, it's a dangerous thing to do and should not be attempted by anyone.

Right, I think that's all my bases covered.

I used an altoids can in my cattle prod version...

Insulating the electrodes properly would be essential to avoid a nasty melt-down.

It would probably be easier to just take out the circuit board from the camera and remove the flash. Then bring wires from the capasitator out side of the container. Also hot gluing the circuit board into the altoids box would be helpful.