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altoids tin hygenic pack Answered

My next Instructables is going to be how to fit all your necessities for good hygiene into an altoids tin.Yeah, I know, there are like a million altoids tin can projects, but this is different... kinda. Anyways I have a list of things that will be in the tin and I just want to know if anyone thinks I am missing something, or anything else someone wants to say .Thanks! Here is the list of things going in the tin: toothbrush toothpaste comb soap wash cloth deodorant lotion floss q-tips any more ideas or things i should put, please comment, thanks!


An electric toothbrush.

ah ok....Such a thing is alien to us over here on the most westerly isle of europe...Thanks for the heads up....Hey they are made in nbritain..I never saw or heard tell of them there....Ah sure, were buried alive over here snigger

Ok I keep seein this thing in instructables and i dont know what the heck it is....Altoids (in or out of tins) Wha?

I've seen them at supermarket checkouts in the UK. A usable alternative would be a tobacco tin.

Altoids is a mint that comes in a metal tin can.You can get them at basically every grocery and convenient store the tin can is used in a lot of projects.Here is a picture, which i got from typing in "altoids" on google images.hope this helped!


maybe a few altoids, for "quick" breath refreshment :-)

haha, and who would suspect mints in an altoids tin? good idea though, thanks


10 years ago

Instead of lotion, or as an addition, petroleum (Vaseline) jelly would be a good addition, as it helps chapped lips and skin. I'll be interested how you fit all of that stuff into the tin. :)