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am antenna connection problem? Answered

My tuner has seperate places to connect am and fm antennas.  The am connection is intended for 2 wires.
I just bought an am antenna and discovered that it  has a plug end, not a bare wire end.
Is there some sort of adapter/connector I can use?   I don't want to strip the wire.
I think I need the equivalent of a reverse banana plug - instead of wire in, plug out - I need plug in, wires out.

Any help / suggestions appreciated.


Take it to radio shack or other consumer electronics store and find a socket that fits. It will be a stereo socket but from the photo I can't tell what size. You may have to buy one of the cables with a socket on one end and a plug on the other. Just cut the cable in half and use the cut end to connect to your radio.

Thanks for your help. See my other reply please

Thats a typical TRS connector. Its hard to tell the scale on the image. Is the connector the same size or smaller then a typical 3.5mm headphone jack?

If its smaller then go to your local radio shack (if you live in the US) and show them the cable and tell them you need a similar cable or just the connector. Then you will have a spare wire you can hack or a connector you can solder a couple of wires too.

As you know your system only need 2 wires for the AM antenna. So take a DMM and do a continuity check on the new wire while it's plugged into the antenna. The 2 wires that show the least resistance will be the 2 wires you need for your system.

Thanks for your ideas. I printed out the 2 replies I got and took them to Radio Shack along with the cable and the antenna instructions He read it all, thought a little, mumbled a little and then headed off across the store.

I wound up getting a shielded 6' audio cable (1/8" mono male to Stripped end).
The plug end goes into the antenna (instead of their cable) and the 2 stripped wires go into the tuner. It works.

I need to spend some time placing and tuning the antenna, but the big challenge was solved.

Can you post a picture of the connector?

I scanned the connector in front of the instructions.