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android phone issues, insufficient memory, have 32gb sd card, please help Answered

Hi there, I am soooo totally lost.  I tried to follow the directions for the android phone but don't even know where to find anything you are talking about.  Is it possible to tell me where everything is to begin with?  I keep receiving the error can't download insufficient memory, I have a 32gb sd card and only 5 apps are on it because my phone will not let me send to sd card so my google updates won't install and so therefore I cannot get the apps I want on my phone bc of no space.  Please help me start from point 1.  I am not a technical person so I'm not understanding the directions you are giving.  Any assistance will be most appreciated.



What kind of phone do you have? You might have used all of your memory on that phone, the sd card usually can't hold apps on it, it can hold some, but not many. YOu have to change that in your settings, or you could follow this instruction. But what kind of phone do you have and how many gb of storage came with it out of the box (not including sd card)

It does not matter how big your SD is if you run out of system space.
Every thing you do and every program requires a certain amount of system memory.
Some phones and tablets are know to have this area of space far too small.
Get a clean up program like Clean Master and see if you can free up enough.
Otherwise you will have to get a program manager that also shows you the system memory usage.
Moving programs to SD card won't help either unless your device is rooted and the program in question is a system application.

Going through your apps and removing updates & data helps as well, as does stopping/uninstalling any that you don't actually use.

Not always as a lot of things remain in the system memory even if you remove the app through the app manager.
Especially branded phones, like Samasungs have a lot of bloatware that fills the system space, uninstalling them only removes a fraction of the used system space.

Shame the OP isn't going to be able to root the phone - I just freed up more than half my system memory by de-bloating: it had got to the point where I couldn't update apps for bloat.

What model phone are you using? Which network?

What phone are you using. Every manufacturer tweaks the interface a little so knowing will help get more specific answers. Also, what version of Android are you running? (Settings, About Device, Android Version.)

Generally I would say at first go to Settings... Application Manager... And then there should be a tab called SD Card. From there you should see a list of apps that are able to be moved to the SD card. select them and choose Move To SD Card.

If that isn't an option then more info is going to be needed.