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android tablet battery going flat while turned off ? Answered

basically what the question says.

i have one of these kogan agora 10" 16gb and the battery keeps going flat while it's turned off (not in sleep mode)


Effectively it has 2 modes always on screen off (sleep) and standby when it takes time to boot but will also be checking on off switch occasionally and other things so yes it does use power even when "off"

The expectation is that you charge it frequently - EG my Kindle fire wasn't used yesterday and dropped 10% of it's charge from full.

The battery will wear over time 0 the constant charge/recharge takes its toll

If it is fairly new and still covered by the maker I would enquire of this is expected battery life.

One way the cheaper tablets get cheaper is to economise on battery size - This like in the phones gives you shorter battery life buy cheaper manufacturing costs.

You can try one of the many Android battery saver apps.

Contact the manufacturer you may have a bad battery.

Good luck!

BTW... All devices that use a push button for power are always using a bit of power even when the unit is 'off'. Because power need to be flowing through the power on circuits so it can detect when the button is actually pressed. So unless it has a physical toggle switch on it it will be drawing power even when its off. Granted it should be negligible and shouldn't run down the battery but its still there.

it is only used about once a month or so.
would that be long enough to run it down?

Rechargeable batteries will loose there charge over time. Combine that with the power the unit is using and it is feasible that the battery could be dead over the course of a month without being used or connected to a charger.


5 years ago

What mpilchfamily points out is true enough and
Assuming it uses Lion rechargeable batteries that have a propensity for self discharge over other types.