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OK ,  here we go agin ! 



If any of ya'll have noticed , I answer all th' mechanical engineerin' questions I feel qualified for ! I aint that familiar with electrics or electronics and aint likly to get that way any time soon ! I am just barely computer literate and when th' admin guys go choppin' and changin' this site it leaves folks like me flounderin' fer a good while till either we finally muddle thru it or someone else gives us th' info we need ! It would be nice if , when changes are made , if th' admin would give use a page to go to that spelled out what ht' changes are and how to access th' things that hve been shifted out of sight !

There is a "Site Updates" forum for exactly that purpose. You are very unlikely see Rachel's posts on the "recent" page, because she does the updates late at night Pacific time, so they don't stay "recent" for long

The "answers" link is back in the orange bar since the weekend I guess! Woho! Thanks goes out to the management. I'll put away my voodoo doll now.

Yes! I'm actually really liking the new header layout. I always used to confuse "Contests" with "Community", and the renaming of it to "Forums" is great.

I've moved this to Bugs. Taking "Answers" off the masthead is awfully silly, and hopefully was just an oversight during last night's rollout.

Not to mention, who stole the "browse" button?. Luckily I got a shortcut installed :D

It wasn't stolen, just moved, apparently. With the new front-page layout, next to the I'bles "cards" in each category there are buttons, each of which takes you to the corresponding "browse" page.

I'll quote an comment I made recently to another question.

"Didn't you know that "Answers" is the ugly stepchild?

Every one of the last few "updates" have changed Answers in a way that to me seems negative.

Who ever makes the decisions on format must not like all the attention that this part of the site gets.

But in the end it's their site and they can screw it up anyway they feel obliged to.  Someday it'll get so boring around here that maybe I and others will find some site more interesting to play on."

It's been shuffled around with the latest 'improvements'.  Here is a direct link to the answers page.  Either bookmark it, or go to the you page, then to settings, then to customize and add a shortcut to "questions".  I have been using the shortcut method for a while and it works great.