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anti-static Answered

When working with electronics how often do you ground yourself? In many tutorials dealing with IC's they don't ground them selves. In a lot of programming tutorials they don't mention grounding when handling the chip. Stuff like arduino, minipov, daisy, and many others where the end project is open, are those sensitive to discharge? I'm juust asking because the esd wriststraps are annoying to wear because the wire get's in the way.


i ground myself before touching, and after touching anything plastic (especially Plexiglase). right now, i have two exposed wires soldered to the houses earth connexion. im later going to solder the ends to a copper pipe, and mount the pipe on the wall. you'd be amazed how hard it is to solder to a several inch thick copper wire with an oil pipe 2 inches away.

forgot to mention, i keep static hazards like plastic bags away from my workplace (which has a wood floor)

nobody has any input on this?