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any electronics or robotics project Answered

I'm getting bored these days so I want to try something new. I saw the winner with the intructable about the motorcycle signals sewn on her jacket, or something. I was inspired at how creative that idea was and since I'm not doing much nowadays, I want to make a project about electronics or robotics. The truth is, I have no experience in this topic, that's why I said something new. So, any of you who got any ideas about these topics and if you're really that generous, provide me an instructable on how to do it. I really want to prove myself that I can also do something in this field, not only in Biology. Well, that's all. I'll appreciate anything that you'll suggest. Thank you very much.


Have a look at any of robomaniac's projects, or any of the variations on a vibrobot.

Failing that, just search for robot or hit the randomiser button a few times until inspirations hits back.

Well, I am near the end of a project; if you happen to have the $10 Radio Shack digital recorder board they sell in the back (a few components on a pc board), then I Hack it and improve it (since it barely works "out of the box"
Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? The instructable is not quite finished but it is published and I just need to dress it up a bit. One need not do exactly as I have with the speaker's case mod and etc.

well, that was a good one. anyway, do you have an idea in mind, something that hasn't been done yet? and oh, i remembered, our math teacher asks us to pass a math investigatory project. and it's my first time to encounter that, do you have any idea about that?

Well, I had that device, and it didn't work well (and definitely not how I wanted it to), so I just thought of ways to improve it.

As for your math "investigatory project", I am not sure (I haven't been in the school system for over 32 years ;-)

But, does this link here, help any?