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any good rod shooting knex pistols? Answered

i don't care what it shoots as long as its green/black, white/gray or blue rods. can you please say the name, maker, and what it shoots? thanx. chopstx


I haven't built many sidearms, but here is a good set of sidearms. I built the Spiff by I Am Canadian and it worked pretty well for me. Hope this helps!

Hey I gotsa a question for this one, is there any white rod shooters?

Possibly the best Single Shot pistols on the site. Bannana Inventors single shot pistol, Frozen Fire's Spider Massacre, and the KillerK Magnum

I built bannana inventor's pistol, it was decent, the only 2 problems were that the trigger would snap, and the force from the firing pin would force the barrel to move up the gun.

the el diablo assult pistol

i don't want to brag, but my pistol is pretty good, and it can shoot past 60 feet! it has a mag, true trigger, and working sight. mine is accurate up till 15 feet which is pretty amazing! try mine out! good luck!

Spiff, I_am_Canadian, white rods.