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any idea how to join two hose pipes together? Answered

so heres the story, i need a large hosepipe  but i cant find one so i thought i might just join a few together any idea how? it needs to be able to handle water presseure,thanks



Are we talking about a garden hose? They sell hose repair "clamps" that let you splice two cut ends together. Or you could find the mating coupler that works to match the ends of the two hoses. Or you could find a plastic or metal pipe that fits the inside diameter of the hoses. Insert a short length to couple the two and use hose clamps to secure on both sides. Good luck.

i like the sound of using hose clampps and some pipe,my first idea was a circular piece of metal tapered at both ends,kind of like a diamond shape and just push the pieces together

im incorporating the iidea into my new tesla turbine,ill give you credit for the plumbing :)

Thanks but no need, I think plumbers had a crack at inventing it long ago.

I am sure plumbers have a crack. I am infamous enough. Thanks.