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any ideas about the bionicle part of this site, maybe uploading more stuff to make it an actual catagory? Answered

first things first, i'm going to dominate the very small section of instructables known as bionicle, any pointers, techniques, tips to help me do that?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Make lots of original models.

Post them in well-written Instructables with good, clear photos.

(Pay attention to the "tips" page when you go through the publishing process.)

that would work well, thanks for the tip

You're welcome.  Thanks for the "Best".

anytime, one original idea is all i need to rule a world, i usually use what i have for the details.

Don't bother- That's Lego's job.  They always come out with brand new bionicle parts once a year, you can't expect to keep up with that.

em...did you read this part of it
" i'm going to dominate the very small section ofinstructables known as bionicle

Ok fine, but bionicles do get boring after a while...  Build the sets, have fun with them for about 5 minutes, then have em sit on a shelf and collect dust.  Even if you make an original model, same concept applies.

i roleplay with 'em sometimes with my cousin when he comes over on sundays, that's a good way to use 'em, build it, name it, weaponize it, play it(as in become that character)

i'm not trying to keep up to date...and anyways the bionicle part of the lego company is splitting up now into other things that i don't like, basically if you have a subscription to the physical lego magazine then you'd have known that.