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any ideas for a new function for my optical mouse? Answered

i have this optical mouse (completely useless, i have a new one.) and i want to give this mouse a new purpose :). But I have no ideas :D So, what can i do with this thing? oh yes, i'm a beginner...


The main problem is that the mouse's USB plug is not as easily decoded then some older connector, at least not without a microcontroller.


11 years ago

Get one of those key chains that record and playback a few seconds of voice, say "Ouch" into it and make it play back when someone tries to click. Remove all the innards except the LED so it looks vaguely like a mouse still. Sit back and be amused. Hope this helps, Andy

here's a simple one, a alarm that sounds when the mouse is moved, when the LED gets brighter, a voltage comparator turns on a buzzer or something


11 years ago

I've seen a few pages showing how to make a robot from a mouse using two small pager motors.

Add a rocket booster and make it a remote controlled flying mouse.

OPTICAL GLOVE! Solar-powered on top of the glove for power, somehow put sensor on bottom, and attach some sort of things to the tips of each finger so that when bent, it registers as a click (like that guy in Children of Men). Weightless mouse?

I have read somewhere, too long ago to recall where, that they contain a small cmos chip with a few pixels, so along with a microcontroller this sounds like fun. Else you could just use the LED and some of the components to build a throwie ;-)