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any ideas for making beads using olive or fruit pits?? Answered



Look up Peach Pit Carvings.  There are probably 2 dozen of semi-standardized folk art shapes.

Drill holes in them and thread them onto strings.  Lovely.


8 years ago

you need to dry them out - you could probably do this in a LOW temp oven for a couple hours or leave them out in the sun for a couple weeks

Then you need to drill a hole with a really small bit with a dremel

Then polish with a fine grit sandpaper or decorate however you want


8 years ago

I have seen good luck charms made of polished peach pits. I'm not sure how those were made but I presume they were dried, then sand papered and a lacquer finish applied. To insure it didn't germinate and to add strength, you could drill a small hole into the center and inject epoxy inside.
I suppose the same could be done with an olive pit but the smaller size is going to make it more difficult.

how would i polish or shine them and also keep them from sprouting or do they actually grow or sprout?

Well you use a drill what exactly are you in need of?