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any ideas sof things my friends and i could make and sell? Answered

 my friends and i want to make some extra cash, some guys my friends know started crocheting hats and are raking in the cash, we'd like to sell something but arent sure what any ideas?



8 years ago

Well, without knowing what age group you're in I can only guess you're a younger teen, 13 - 16.
I was at an indoor swap meet last summer and noticed that a couple of young people had set up a Henna tattoo booth and were doing a booming business with the young crowd there.
You can get the kits at Amazon for about  $15.

Be careful about your sources for henna. Some companies have reportedly been known to cut it with dyes which will leave a more permanent stain on skin. Make sure you're buying from someone who intends it for this purpose and is trustworthy.


8 years ago

 Something to consider is this: whatever you make, is it already available? If it is, is your's better? Find something that is not available & people want and it will sell.
I found this survival bracelet on the thinkgeek site that unraveled into 15' of rope for $19.99 plus shipping. I hit my local rope supply house and got 100' for $7.00. Then I hit the fabric store and got 5 plastic buckles for $15.00. Asked for help searching for the plan to make the things (here on Instructables, thanks Schoochmaroo) and made 5 of them for $22.00. Makes a good Christmas gift, but unless you're the kind of guy who feels a need to pack 15' of rope with him, you're not going to buy (or sell) one. I wanted the thing for mountain biking so we could tow someone out if necessary.  
Find a way to make it easy for someone to do something. Be the enabler! People will pay for that!

If you have a leather store nearby, ask for scraps. Research leather working.

It's really easy to make tooled leather pendants, belts, HACKY SACKS!, bookmarks, and journals with nothing but soft leather, hot water, and something pointy.

If you wanted to make leather hacky sacks, go to goodwill and buy a pair of deerskin pants/ jacket. The leather on those is quite thin (perfect for hacky sacks).

good luck.