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any one know how to make 3D glasses for someone with a weak and strong eye.? Answered

i get real pissed off about all the movies that are coming out in 3D because i cant ever get the experience in 3D because i have a weak eye and a strong eye so when i wear 3D glasses only one color gets filtered out and the other still exists. (FYI my left eye is my strong eye).


I'm assuming you wear glasses?

I have astigmatism and usually wear glasses to watch movies. If they fit, you can simply put the 3D glasses over your eyeglasses. If they don't, you can take off one or both arms on the 3D glasses, and use twist ties to secure them to your eyeglasses. (That way you can take them off when the movie is over).

thank you that was informative but i dont wear glasses. when i was little i was supposed to wear an eye patch and glasses and that never fixed the problem. i have done research on my problem and figured i have amblyopia. if you are unsure of the problem then check out this website
thank you anyways...

Sorry to hear that. I am familiar with Amblyopia (aka Lazy eye). From what I gather, this problem will prevent you from viewing 3D (as you stated), much like a person who has lost an eye. Unfortunately, they haven't developed any other methods that could work, but if its any conciliation, you really aren't missing out on a lot.