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any tips for downhill biking? Answered

any tips for downhill biking?



Also, when you are braking hard, remember that because as you brake, the weight of the bake is transferred forward, it is much easier to skid your rear tire than your front. Also, since the harder you brake with your rear, the less effective that tire is going to be at gripping the ground, because it has less weight on it. Therefore, you have to brake harder on your rear to tire than your front to get equivalent stopping power. That means that your back braking hardwear tends to wear faster than the front, you want to be braking with proper technique, i.e. 25% force to the rear, 75% to the front. This will extend the life of your pads and rims, and keep you safer. Have fun!


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Don't look directly at your front wheel, keep your focus 3-5 feet ahead of you. Gives you time to plan your path.


8 years ago

1) No matter how good you think you are, you aren't.
2) Speed kills. The faster you go, the uglier the corpse.
3) The helmet belongs on your head, not on the handlebars.
4) Biking shorts are cute, heavy denim is scrape and scratch resistant.
5) If you don't know the trail, bring your first aid kit. If you're blazing a trail, bring a paramedic.
6) Expect the best, prepare for the worst.


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There is no need to start from the top.

Quit screaming just before you hit the ground or you'll pick up rocks in your teeth.

Seriously though, try to maintain control all the way down.  Don't try to go too fast until you gain some experience.

And my best suggestion from my dirt biking days don't be afraid to lay it down if you are loosing control going down hill.  It's better to get a skinned knee rather than rap it around a tree at the bottom.

Make sure your brakes are in good order.


Absolutely. Going fast is no good if you run into something, or it runs into you.

Then: Minimize wind resistance.

Don't pick up too much speed if you  don't know what may be coming in on cross streets.

WATCH OUT FOR SANDY SPOTS. If you go perfectly straight they aren't a problem. If you try to maneuver in one, expect to take a spill.