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any way to limit internet on a laptop? Answered

my sister has a laptop in her room i have my computer in my room and a family computer down stairs my coumpter and the family computer has VERY slow when my sister is useing the net my dad want me to find a limit to make it so she can use less net also we dont want her to notice or see it



Best Answer 8 years ago

It depends on the router that you're using. Your router needs to have QoS settings. I found lots of results for my particular router by googling "throttle bandwidth to laptop netgear". Replace Netgear with your brand of router. :)

If you happen to have Linksys, you can't set an actual bandwidth limit on a given computer, but you can give one a lower priority. You can either specify which computer gets the different priorities by the actual physical port on the back or by their MAC address (to obtain the MAC address, either on the computer press + r, type cmd, press enter, when command prompt appears, type ipconfig /all or in the linksys web interface ( in web browser, username: password: admin [yes, the username is blank]) go to status [the far right] and then click on local area network and there should be some type of DHCP Clients Table, find the computer there). I'm writing all this from memory since I don't have my router here right now, but that should be more or less correct. of course, if you really want fine-grained control, you would install dd-wrt on the router, but your parents probably wouldn't want to risk that (and I wouldn't blame them. I have access to tools that should make it possible to fix it if I ever brick one, but other people mightn't be so lucky)