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anybody got a simple ,decent plan or idea for a wooden 3 jaw chuck? Answered

ive been experimenting with a cone in a barrel type concept for opening, closing the jaws, but its not working,i specify wood because metalwork is not my forte niether is my tooling geared for metal.


The usual way to do this is to turn the base with a slight recess angled in so a dovetail chuck can grip the bottom . These are freely available and will be much better than anything you could make.

Alternately the old fashioned way is to turn the outside on the face plat by screwing the bowl to it and turn the base with a slight recess - Then turn a stud to fit in that recess - It should be a good fit and wide enough so you can screw the stud to the face plate

You then attach the stud to the bottom of the bowl with glue separating the bowl and stud with some thick paper - I have used cereal carton card which works well.

After turning the inside you can separate the paper easily and clean off what is left by hand.

thank you ,yip there freely available but here they are imported an really expensive,also the lathe is a funny chinese thing with a weird type of thread size which what ever ive tried to fit on to it does not fit,im really disliking chinese things but it seems that its all you can get round here these days unless your a millionaire.

yip recess is what i had in mind,

You want a 3 jaw for wood working or you want to make a 3 jaw from wood??

I want to make it from wood ,it only needS to perform one function and that is to hold a bowl so the inside can be turned without screwing holes in the bottom.

Flat plate and lots of strong double-sided tape may work, or so I've been told.

What you may find will work for you is a donut chuck.  Here's a link that has several DIY chucks and one of the is the donut chuck.

I think what you're working on is some form of a "jam" chuck and I don't like them because they don't hold as securely as other types and I REALLY hate working on something where I don't trust the chuck.

If this is not what you are looking for then (not to send you away but) join one of the better wood working or lathe forums and post your question there.  Usually those guys have tried it all and can help you expertly.