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anybody know how to keep stupid sheep of my garden short of shooting them? Answered

theirs sheep on my garden and iwas wondering is their somthing to keep them away like something they dont like or something motion activated to scare them away



Spraying your plants with hot pepper extract would keep them from getting eaten, but not trampled.

For that, have you considered chicken wire (also known as "hex netting")? I see some on Ebay's Buy It Now for $0.21per square foot (including shipping). You could probably find it even cheaper at a hardware store, since you would not have to pay the shipping costs.

If you do not particularly care about neighbors' opinion of you, you might also consider tossing some vegetable dye (red cabbage juice, perhaps) onto the sheep that cross through your property.


9 years ago

thanks for answering and johnnywgk i'm actually welsh why would i talk about sheep if i'm not

A fence. Theres a V-shaped opening that sheep can't walk thru, but humans can easily step thru (no need to close the gate).

scarecrows that look like welsh farmers, i was told sheep dont like the welsh. i'm only joking, please dont all flame me for this

any dense bushes that block the way dense spikey plants (dense enough so the sheep simply cant get in - not such that they go halfway and then stuck in the spikes) fence flash / disco flicker on motion detector big huge low rpm electrical fan (with some cloth connected to the blades so it flares in the wind and looks like human waving his arms) on motion detector car beep on motion detector (thats evil !)

There are bird-scarers which use a small amount of propane to make a bang. You might consider filling one of those "regulated-puff" air-scenters with gasoline / petrol and a spark-device?


Have some dogs,Loud dogs that are really like to bark all day. maybe cats...but i would not be surprised if you find one of them sleeping on top of the sheep they're supposed to scare away. And of course,you any person can startle a sheep,trust me.

shoot them with BBs don't hit the face

. Dogs are usually very effective.