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anybody using on demand hydrogen to heat hot water? Answered

Hello all - I am interested in either converting an existing gas-fired hot water heater to burn homemade hydrogen gas, or building an on demand heater powered by same. Is anybody doing this? What are the issues, beyond safety of making your own highly flammable gas? lol...
I am thinking jet/hole size on the gas burner ring for efficiency considerations, corrosion issues, etc.....
THanks in advance...


Upon further thought I am imagining an on-demand gas generator, perhaps controlled by a thermostat for a gas heater conversion? For an on demand heater, the gas would be on demand of course. Would this ameliorate the concerns?

Only if you are going to separate the gases as you generate them. If you light a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, it will burn right back to the source, not at the jet.

Efficiency-wise, you'd be better off installing an electric immersion heater, rather than electrically splitting water and then burning the gas.

Since hydrogen/oxygen flames can burn at five times the speed of sound, you need to make sure you do not generate the gases as a mixture, or pump them to your flame REALLY QUICKLY.

Storage is a major issue - under the same conditions as household gas, you need huge quantities of hydrogen, and they will leak away through the walls of your tank, the pipes, the valves, right through the substance of your system. You need cryogenic storage to stop tat happening, and that is not easy for a DIYer.