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anyone? How to build a usb solder iron on my own? Answered

i'v been goofing around for this over month now but could not come up with a solution. And 26$ is pretty xpensive 4 me so u know.



7 years ago

Battery powered soldering irons do not even require continuous connection. USB outlets could be used to charge a battery powered iron. All depends on why USB is desired. Might be wanting to charge an iron from a laptop computer.

Have you looked at the Instrucable? (See Related at right.)

Personally, I think the concept of a USB soldering iron is inherently Wrong, but de gustibus....

yes i see it. i have a old damaged soldering iron. i wanted to use those parts and make a usb soldering iron. thats all..

Just because you could make "USB" powered iron, doesn't mean you should make one. A 0.5W Iron ain't going to solder much, and that's all the power you can take from most USB ports.

Yep. If you want to repair the iron, great... but you should probably be repairing it as it was. Among other things, if you *were* going to build a USB-powered soldering iron, I think you'd have to use a very different heating element -- not just because of limited power, but also because you'd be running off different voltage.

I still recommend finding a different project. Risks and effort outweigh possible returns on this one.

Offline, I was asked why this seemed foolish. Since it makes more sense to post the answers publicly, for feedback from some and to educate others:

1) There's no particular reason to power it from USB. Power outlets are everywhere, and USB doesn't free you from the need for a power cord.

2) A soldering iron draws a significant amount of power. That would put a fairly heavy load on your PC's power supply and/or batteries, even if they _can_ handle the demand. Given how expensive PC parts are, I see no reason to risk hurting them.

3) Soldering irons are CHEAP. You can buy a basic iron for less than you'd probably pay constructing this kluge. A middling-fancy one can be had for under $25.

Not enough power or not a good idea. Do you have a soldering-bit that runs on 5V?