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anyone here knows how to make a simple fast blinking LED ? Answered

how to make a simple fast blinking Led with specific materials and value of electronic components?




7 months ago

No IC needed blinker, dual or single...

Speed up by lowering the 22uF capacitors..


can u give me a list of it? and diagram? thank you

one red led

two 22 uF 16 volt electrolytic capacitors

two 100,000 ohm 1/4 watt resistors

two 1500 ohm 1/4 watt resistors

twoTO-92 NPN 2N3904 transistors

Any door bell momentary push button

A 9v battery

A 9v battery connector

Some 20 gauge bell hookup wire

This list can be supplied by DigiKey electronics

The diagram is the picture..

can i ask for something? why is it the emitter of the bjt transistor didnt connected to? is that means that the two emitter connected to the ground or negative side? sorry for asking this cause i dont have any idea of electronic circuit and symbols.thank you

thank you for the information iceng. it well help me a lot.

You know it would help:

if you said how fast - However as Josehf says a 555 will be able to take you beyond your ability to see the flash