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anyone know how to wire a stop light to work with a stereo? Answered

i would like to make it blink with the beat. thanks



9 years ago

i would use one of the many instructables on making leds blink with music, then replace the led with a relay, so that you can switch the higher voltage/amperage load on the stop light. actually, you could follow one of the blinking christmas lights to music circuits. just replace the christmas lights with your stop light.

There's an intersection somewhere that's about to have a pile-up!

Just to clarify: are we talking about a stop light that is strung up directing traffic, or a stop light that is sitting on your table at home? One is probably illegal, while the other is good fun... Well, I guess both are good fun, but only one is good fun for everyone. Other than that, I have no clue. I know that it is very possible, but whether or not you could insert a CD (tape?!?!) and press play and watch as it blinks to any old music, I have no clue.