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anyone know how...to build an illuminated mask by tuesday? Answered

-this is my first day in this forum(!)-
well, I have a burning question and unfortunately not too much time to view the site and see so great works!
I have to provide some details/experiment for a show I'm working on and i proposed some ideas that now I should prove...
Basically I have to put LEDs in Masks that move and for that reason the electric systems has to be easy to maneuver and switch on/off. The batteries should be well hidden and easy to attach, inside the masks. Plus I have to create some monsters made of illuminated wire, but again how big must be the batteries plot?
Now, I bought some material at a good shop and the costumers service was great, but now to put together the pieces is a bit hard...
Is there any sample I could follow?
I have no idea where to start from... and the only electric expert is away in holiday...
Any 'easy to make' tips?
thanks so much


Hello, Thanks to both! -Yes, there are really many LED Instructables, and I will definitely look into them, and follow as much as I can your instructions...I think is just my first 'panic' but as well excitement in doing something I'm not used to. I'll show what I've done when finished. -yes, I'll look in the EL wire as wll, it looks really interesting, I see if I can model it as I want in the shape of moving animals. Thanks for now

Have you looked into EL wire? Instructables likes it a lot, and it can come with a switch. They also make LED strips that might work.

Do you know anything about the LED's? If they came in a package, there should be something on the package that tells you their normal operating voltage (not "Vmax"!). That voltage will tell you what kind of batteries to use. Typically, AA or AAA batteries, or even button cells, will be sufficient for regular LEDs.

A button cell is probably best for your purposes. Connect the LEDs in parallel if you can, that is, connect all the positive leads to a wire running back to the battery, and all the negative leads similarly. For the switch, just buy a little push-button switch at RadioShack or wherever, and tuck it somewhere hard to see.

You can find hundreds of LED Instructables -- there's a whole section of the site dedicated to them (Technology -> LEDs)! Type "LED" into the search box, and you'll get pages of them.