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anyone suggest me where i can get the details of mathematical modelling of piezoelectric generator? Answered

i want to do a project based on the power generation of piezoelectric devices such as piezoelectric stacks and disc. so i have to made an mathematical modelling of it. when i search for it i getting only the basic principles. can anyone suggest me how to use them to prepare my model and where i can get more details about it.


thanks for your valuable information.
article having only basic information about it. how to develop it or where can i get the detailed information.

I am still not sure what details you are looking for.  Although I found something else on the same topic that I think is worth looking at.

This page,
shows an actual example of a piezo transducer that someone has engineered for the purposes of harvesting energy from a vibrating environment.  The specs for how that particular device works, sort of as a black box, are explained in its datasheet,

On that same page,under the tab labeled "performance", there is a graph showing the maximum amount of power they can get out of this gizmo, assuming it is "tuned" to the same frequency as the vibrations.
And it is just a few 10s of milliwatts.  I'm not sure if you're impressed by that or not.

i need details of how to calculate the power output from the piezoelectric benders or piezoelectric discs theoretically using the voltage specifications given for the device.