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anything to address in this LED & car project design? Answered

I'm in a time crunch for a LED light strip + car project and stuck with a mix of different lead/hook up wire types and was wondering if there's anything in my design (below) that I absolutely must fix/address:

[1] 12v car battery <-- terminal fastened to 22 gauge solid copper hook up wire SOLDER to 18 gauge stranded silver colored lead --> 125V 10A AC switch

NOTE: The battery to switch wire run is about 8 feet and the wire is sandwiched in Kapton tape, routed around the engine block's walls into the car's cabin where the switch resides

[2] 125V 10A AC switch <-- 18 gauge stranded silver colored lead 3 WAY SOLDER to two (2) 18 gauge solid silver colored leads --> two (2) 12V DC to 5V DC 5A regulators

[3a] 1 of 2 DC to DC regulator <-- 18 gauge solid silver colored lead 3 WAY SOLDER to two (2x) 22 gauge solid copper hook up wires -->
[3a1] <-- FASTENED TERMINAL --> LED microcontroller
[3a2] <-- SOLDER to contact --> RGB LED light strip (WS2811), 1st half of array

[3b] 2 of 2 DC to DC regulator <-- 18 gauge solid silver colored lead SOLDER to 22 gauge solid copper hook up wires --> RGB LED light strip (WS2811), 2nd half of array (one regulator can't power all the LEDs in the array so that's why I'm splitting the power to them)

NOTE: Both regulators' wire run (3a2 and 3b) to the LED strips is about 6 feet, the wire is also sandwiched in Kapton tape, routed around the engine block's walls and go from within the car's cabin to the front of the car essentially.

Is there anything about this design that really needs changing (especially regarding the mixing of wire gauge and physical makeup)?

Thanks in advance


Are these going inside or outside the car. If the outside depending on where you are from this can sometimes be illegal. Around where I live you are limited to certain colors as to not be confused with traffic lights/ police/ emergency colored lights. Basically allowed white lol. The diagram seems a bit too complictaed. You shouldn't need that many dc regulators you already have. Your LED controller should supply the voltage to the LED strips, shouldn't need the second regulator for that . Basically +ve to the push button ->regulator (if needed)->led controller->negative.

yes, its kind of going outside (behind a mesh grille) and I'm aware of the color limitations and when they can be lit up (only when parked).

The controller doesn't push power, just data. I'm more concerned with the mixing and soldering of 18 & 22 gauges and different metal types

As far as I know you should be fine for this. If it conducts you are solid. Instead of soldering I would maybe try butt connectors if you can soldering is difficult in confined spaces but can be done. You can look at my one project https://www.instructables.com/id/Parking-Meter-Lamp/ I think I had 3 different gauges and types and the LED's worked fine.

Good point about difficult and unnecessary soldering. I'll try butt connectors. Good to know I can use different wire types! Thanks so much for your help!

Try drawing up a schematic. All of that is a bit convaluted and hard to follow.

Attached is a drawing of my design. I apologize if it's not a standard drawing, I'm not experienced in this area. This alone took me 5+ hours to draw up, so please understand I really am doing my best to help you help me. I just need to know what I must change/fix about this design before I start to building it