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apple ipod touch or android tablet Answered

anyone out there,,, do you have anything in mind to create something with a spoil Apple Ipod touch or an Android tablet.?


James Longpaw

5 years ago

spoiled apple, nice one. maybe more of a rotten apple. as for what to do with an old or bad apple product idk. however, here are a few ideas of what to do with an android.
tiny server http://fgbkpjz.tk there are many options for what type of server it can be turned into.
here are a few more ideas including
media remote control
dedicated device for a specific location
portable gaming device
home voip or video phone
install android on the iphone.(I guess i did find something to do with an apple product)
http://dstftjj.tk (the above is in this link)
that's all i have. good luck with whatever you are doing.


5 years ago

Yeah, how about running Ubuntu 12.10 on your Nexus 7?