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architecture for grade 4-6, need lighting ideas Answered

I volunteer on Saturdays in Watts/LA for a program with kids from grades 4-6. The program involves 6-8 week "classes" taught by volunteers, and I'm an assistant for a new class on architecture.

We're building a structure, and I want to include both lighting and sound.

For lighting, I sincerely apologize, I have no experience and not much time, can someone recommend a simple way to let the kids build some different LED effects, ideally AC powered, that they could incorporate into the scaffolding we built last week in first class (the structure will be about 6x6feet.)

The second question, I think sound is essential to architecture, I happen to have some sanyo MP3 players, I was thinking of buying small MP3 speakers for each, and then letting kids experiment with what a wash of different sounds and music would sound like within the structure.Amazon MP3 speakers start at 20$. Any other options? I think it would be great to have strpped down speakers so that kids can build the speaker housing to incorporate into the architecture. 

I can find + and - on a battery. Thats about the level of my competence.


You could have a wall wart AC adapter to DC voltage to provide the LED lighting. You might want to get plug in LED christmas lights to string through the model. Other option is to give each group or room its own battery press on hockey puck LED light. I don't think you are prepared to really teach and wire up the building to simulate parallel and series circuits.

I don't get what you are trying to do with sound as it relates to architecture. If you are trying to demonstrate acoustic properties of rooms, you really can't do that with a small model, you have to visit places like recording studios, auditoriums, tiled bathrooms, draped rooms, etc. Did you want to demonstrate how to sound proof or isolate rooms/apartments with different construction techniques?

Good luck.