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arduino code Answered

Guys I want to build a quadcopter. I have an arduino uno, adafruit motor shield, 4dc motors and an rf link transmitter/receiver.
Problem is I don't know programming at all.

Pls help me and give me a code for controlling the motors with the sheild wirelessly withb rflink.
Planning to control with 4 potentiometers.

P.S I have only one arduino.


Maybe you should look at just getting the motors to run with the arduino as your first programming project.

I know but i want to build this quadcopter. Can just help me and give me a code.

I find this programming a bit too difficult and i need this quadcopter built ASAP.

Ok i don't want it to be wireless. I can't run the motors just off my board though, cause it will get fried. I need to use the shield. Just tell me what code line i could use so that for every value read from the potentiometers the speed increases or decreases.

Look at the example sketches that Adafruit offers. But you will likely fry the shield trying to run all 4 motors.

I'll probably get in trouble for this cause it may be a big secret.

The code is 42.

Even with code you still won't be able to build a quad copter. The Adafruit motor shield will not be able to support 4 RC motors. But if you want to learn to control the motors and learn how to program the Arduino then start playing around with a couple of the motors hooked to the shield and try the example codes.