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arduino motor driver using l239D ??circuit 12v pcb board Pls help Answered

12v DC gear Motor  ? Battery 12v


Could you be more specific? Are you wondering how to run the motor on 12V when the arduino only uses 5? In cases like this the Arduino and the controller will have there own power sources. Just make sure they share the same ground connection.

Have you done a google search? Plenty of schematics showing how to wire the chip to a micro controller.

The schematic shown here is pretty much what you need.

Ignore the stuff on the left side of the Atmega chip. Hook everything else up as you see it with the exception of the power going into the chip. If you want to run the motors at 12V then put 12V on the VCCs. But make sure the ground is shared between the Arduino and L239D. If your having trouble with what pin on the Atmega pictured is what pin on the arduino then goole for the data sheet on your Arduino's chip.