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arduino rov code? Answered

Hi i'm looking for someone who can design me an arduino code for my rov project

if you are interested please send me a message




6 years ago

You've been a lurker for years,  I think you should know to provide port and
hardware information to expect help, otherwise you risk sounding like a
school kid trying to get us to do your school home work...


i can provide detailed explanation if you are interested

Have you done a search on the Arduino forums for past ROV projects. People like ot post and share there code with others. I'm sure you'll be able to get allot more help over there. But its best if you have some code your trying to work with first. So find some older code you might be able to work with then ask for help on how to make it work with your hardware.

People will be reluctant to try and write code from scratch for you. Especially since they don't know what hardware your using, how you have it wired and won't have any of it themselves to use in testing the code.