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are my Cayenne peppers growing Answered

are they growing? properly 


Do yourself a favour and use small pots for raising seeds.
Fill them with coco or other fine material and not potting mix that has more wood chips than anything in it.

Also water the stuff properly before using to remove contaminants and get the PH levels right.

At this stage I can tell you have grass growing in your pot and some seed coming out - if that is what you want I can't say just by the fisrt set of of leaves.

I think he is referring to shredded dried coconut shell, fibrous absorbent material for a planting medium.

That is correct.
The stuff keeps the moisture in for a long time and is pretty neutral.
Unlike garden mix stuff it does not mind the fertilizer.
For seedling the best stuff unless you go with Jiffy pots or similar.

I haven't tried growing peppers from seed but it looks like you got something growing there. And maybe a couple of other weeds or random stuff from the outdoors in there.