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When I'm not a 45 yo married man, I'm usually a single teenage girl.

Have you ever read xkcd?


What do you think this is?  Facebook?  Myspace?

Yahoo Answers? *cringe*


THIS.  IS.  INSTRUCTABLES.  *kicks someone*

That being said, yes, there probably are, however, this website's primary purpose isn't for dating.  Its for instructions (unless you post/comment/read an Instructable about dating.) and DIY stuff.

Chances are, if you ask a question about dating or girls, you can do a search and find your answers that way; it's probably been asked before.

(Anything to do with technology and machine/wood shop is fair game too)


8 years ago

I'm single. Check my profile and see if I will do.

(Try to be a little flexible in your requirements. I don't meet all your criteria).

 Soliciting teenage women on the internet tends to lead to trouble.  I mean Chris Hansen trouble.

Does it matter? You'd just get all nervous anyway.

teenage girls make EVERYONE nervous, including teenage girls.

Your previous question. It was a joke. Relax and breathe.

There are a fair few, however hunting for girls on the internet? Bad plan, taking a walk around town is better... Also internet takes all the fun out of flirting...