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I would like a LED light which will change tube light. Please lead to me how to do?


Okay. I think I now understand what you're asking. You're asking how one would replace a light bulb (such as a brake light) with an LED cluster. Yes. You can do this, but there are a couple of bridges you have to get over. You need the light produced by the cluster to be as much, if not more that the original bulb. You also want the cluster to run from the same power as the original bulb (preferably less current though). There are newer types of LEDs that are very bright. Enough to do just what you're asking. The problem is that they tend to be very expensive too. Much more than the cost of the bulb it will replace. They actually are more economical in some cases such as Tail Lights and Traffic Control Lights. The reason is because they don't burn out as quickly under normal load. They should last so long as they end up cheaper than the bulbs, cost of replacing them and the power used. Using a cluster of regular red LEDs for a bicycle tail light might be sufficient, but be sure not to over drive them. They likely would not be visible in the daytime, but that's not when they're most needed.

Thanks you, but You did not understand my problem. My motorbicycle had a brake light. It is a system LED with 10 small led bulbs. I have known that LED bulb has live long time ( about 100.000 hours). My motorbicycle was used for 2 years and some LED bulds in brake light were died. Why ????

I would bet that humidity has gotten into the circuitry. In a sever tropical environment, the sealant used by manufacturers may not be sufficient to keep it and possibly some algae out. I would disassemble the unit, removing every trace of the old sealant. Clean the board and re-solder the connections. This should restore the LEDs. Try to find some military grade sealant to re-seal the unit.

yup...the LED's last forever. The PCB's and connections/solder get corrorded or cracked. Heat and current kill LED's. Overdriving rated LED's lower lifetime. Daylight viewable RED LED's in 10,000+ mcd are available on Ebay or online for less than US .70$ ea. Replace all bad joins and test each LED with 3v battery pack (2xAA's) to verify LED viability. Touch each with LED pole with +/- and remove any failed ones. Note some RED led's are 1.5-2v or less so be sure to use lowest Vf or a single 1.5v AA. Seal new or repaired unit in clear Expoxy resin...will last forever!

More question. I saw some led light system . Example brake light for motorbicycle, they have 12 bulbs, but there are some buils have not worked

I'm assuming your native language is not english... I'm not really positive about what you're asking as a result. My guess is that you're asking about adjusting the brightness level of an LED. That is what I'll attempt to answer. You can adjust the level of an LED by adjusting the voltage level if at the highest voltage level, your resistor/LED combo is paired to pull the rated current of the LED. Then as the voltage drops, the current drops likewise (being that the resistance is constant) and the LED will dim. There are a few way that you could use a potentiometer to adjust the level of brightness. This would be used along with the proper current-limiting resistor in series with the LED. A third, actually more commonly used technique for accurately controlling the brightness of an LED is to use an oscillator (try a Google search for "NE555") that turns on and off the LED at controllable intervals resulting in varied brightness levels.

Thanks. I am living in Vietnam. My english is not good. This month, my younger brother will bring for me one wire LED Chistmas from London. He said that its price is 1.5usd. It has 70 bulbs. I thinks that , I shall made them in VN for business. But I would like to buy cheap bulds. Can you lead where are They?