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attaching the prosthetic Answered

One of the biggest challenges has been figuring out a low cost easy to DIY way to attach the prosthetic to the child's remaining limb. Please share any thoughts, information or ideas you might have.


Thanks kelseymh for the excellent clarification. Yes, these are for the arm and the distance up is flexible at this point. Something adjustable would be ideal but maybe not as realistic. I am hoping to create a collaboration that would generate a variety of solutions for a variety of children. Eventually these could even be custom made for specific children in need.

Howabout a little more info? What part of the body? How far up? Here's some general info, including how prosthetics are attached.

See the description of the Group to which this topic was originally posted. The goal is to fabricate non-functional (cosmetic) prosthetic arms for children in underdeveloped nations. My guess would be that the primary recipients are going to be landmine victims.

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