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attiny85 on two 3v coin cell batteries? Answered

I've seen specs for attiny85 that say 6v, but most say 5.5v max, so I'm wondering if it's safe to use two 3v coin cell batteries to power them?  Such as CR2032 or CR2450.  I would only use one, but I need 4.5v for my LEDs.  Three AA is too bulky.  Thanks.



Why two ? The ATtiny85 runs on as little as 2.7V ! The ATtiny85v will run on 1.8 !


The LEDs it's controlling need 4.5v (I've powered them directly with two 3v CR927 coin cells and they worked beautifully, but the amperage of those is really low, not sure what it is on the larger coin cells).

I breadboard-ed everything with a single CR2032, and also tried two AA, and the lights were much too dim.

Run two batteries in series, tap the middle, and put the micro across just one battery. That's the safe method.

Sorry, I don't understand how this is supposed to work. Can you explain in more detail?

But my LEDs are connected to the pins of the attiny, which is why I'm confused.

Sure you can run it off coil cells.