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auto charger for 12 v DC battery ? Answered

i have 12V  DC  battery and charger but it wont cut off when battery is full . and when its drain below 11-9 i want to cut off the supply from battery to device .
please help me i am new to this :)


get yourself a solar regulator, hook up the charger to where the solar panels would normally go, and you will have everything you are asking for. check the specs before you buy, the amp rating of your charger must be lower than the amp rating of the regulator. also some have the load connector on a timer rather than low battery cut out.


harbor freight has float chargers. They are low current, but will not overcharge.


5 years ago

You need the skills of an electronic technician to design and
build simple circuitry.


Assuming it is a car type battery - SLA then most commercial chargers now cut off and go to trickle maintenance charge when the battery is fully charged - A much easier approach.

What kind of 12V battery? You want a smart charger for the battery but as far as cutting power to the battery when it reaches a certain voltage you'll need to build some sort of voltage monitoring circuit to handle that.