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awesome mario bookmark! Answered

Well this took a very very long time to make! It was mainly because of the blue background. This will be the one and only bookmark I EVER make =) enjoy the pics and remember it took me a MONTH to finish!!!


Good work, visualy pleasing. I've been cross-stiching for years and find it very satisfying. Something I do on all my work is buy some light weight iron-oninterface from a habidasher (fabric shop). I Iron it to the back of the work, before I frame it or in your case put a backing on it. This gives it a slightly firmer feel and supports the work without adding bulk or weight. If you are concerned about ironing on cross-stitch, simply lay your cross-stich face down on a soft towel when you iron the interface so that the stitches don't get flattened. Hope you do more.


That's totally awesome

Thank you, that must have fallen off somewhere when the comment was hurtling through cyberspace.

Space erosion? The wind in space must have done it.

It probably was space erosion. Too bad more people don't know about it! D:

Thats some great work! I suggest puttiing up a slideshow on the main site. Perhaps some pictures outside in the day light would show it off better also!

If you click on submit, then new slideshow. Be sure to take some extra snapshots of it though! Maybe a few of it being used.

well that was easy!! Thanks =)

Where'd you get the patterns?

Sweet. That's what I did for the 8-bit appliques. You'd be suprised how complicated nes bowser is.

Great use of colours - the chunky-graphics really suit! L