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/b/ Raids - Chanology Answered

Just curious of your thoughts on the /b/ raids on Scientology...

If you're not "in the know" as they say....

1. http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3992707 TPB torrent for the new docs
2. http://partyvan.info/index.php/Project_Chanology Project Chanology (name of the raid) boiler plate
3. [http://web.archive.org/web/20070531071115/http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/media-newsroom/5000-reward/ 5,000 reward from the church of scientology to catch anonymous]
4. Wired Magazine to explain what I'm talking about
5. http://theunfunnytruth.ytmnd.com/ YTMND on scientology


Ah the /b/ raids are hilarious. Anyone else here a /b/tard?

Rule #1. Do not talk about /b/. Crap... But yes, I was on there when they first started it. I thought it was hilarious.


10 years ago

Cool! As far as I'm concerned, they've had it coming for a long time...