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bar fridge and footstool in one? Answered

My husband really really wants a footstool for his potato couching comfort. He has also always joked about wanting a bar fridge in the lounge for keeping his beer in close proximity to the TV. (he's a lovely but lazy lazy man). I am NOT the 'handy' type, but I do know one end of a screwdriver from the other (just). My first thought was just to tip a bar fridge on it's back and cover it with fabric so that iyou would lift the 'top' to get to the fridge part, but the 'what-cha-ma-callit' at the back of the fridge (the coil looking bit) would be on the ground.. now I am a natural blonde but even I know this is not a good idea! If anyone has ANY ideas on how to go about combining the 2 I would be very very grateful, and my husband would have the best christmas present ever! I am especially looking for any ideas using the KISS principal. thanks!


Why not just keep it upright? Cover all the sides in fabric (leaving the what-cha-ma-callit exposed).

A simple one would be to buy a small cooler and make a wooden box for it. Then make a simple furnishing for the top and viola; a footstool cooler. Making a whole refrigerator out of one is way beyond me, but this is a simple, painfully so, answer. :D