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bartboyisg4y is going off the the deep end! Answered


besides the offensive account name look at his comments and instructable.

i mean, besides making many inappropriate comments in the instructable/on bart boys orange board, he spammed(word?) like crazy on it!

i'm just putting this up so someone can ban him.


I see, report him to the staff. He's spamming too much! Look at his comments!

besides some of them being inappropriate. he put a picture of two middle fingers sticking up on bart boys orange board.

I know, I was gonna use him as an example for my Review Team Idea, but i got an Error 500

also, i would be willing to be on the Review Team if you need people to do that.

Haha, KK wouldn't decide, it would be the staff members like ewilhelm and Canida.

I had to look it up. But yes, it means you don't mean what you say.

Sorry about talking to you as if you were bartboy. Misread :)

HI, I am the bartboy you where meaning to talk to.

has this happen to you before?

I would. But they've all gone.

Yes,Today I was welcoming new members when I popped upon him. I skipped him and I was going to let you know but I was really busy (welcomed over 1,000 members today). Try to ignore him. I am sorry that this had happen. Doc Cool