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basic pic programing Answered

hi can some one give me recemendations on a book or site tht will give me insights as how to program pic microchips for robotics nothing adavance just something simple and for beginers



10 years ago

Depending on what chip you are trying to program you may have to really hunt for the info, I picked up bits and bats from forums, tutorials for other chips and the datasheet. Unfortunately it’s very confusing and I seem to have hit an information brick wall with regards to more complex features in the chip like interrupts and pre-scaler’s, etc. I’m trying my darnd'est and be sure I will publish a set of Instructables if I ever overcome this lack of readily available info. I got a simple introduction programmer on clearance from Maplins and I’m currently programming a 16f628. Looking around there seems a number of books centring on ASM programming, but I'm unable as yet to find a reasonably priced '628 based one. The hunt goes on. Andy

I think there are some instructables on the subject. And I saw a starter kit in Radio Shack the other day.

I'm currently learning ... I did not found any tutorial site yet (most are dedicated to C programming (just google "PIC programming tutorials"), and i want to stick to ASM). As i had some ASM programming experience with Z80, I've simply read the datasheet, looked at some "Hello World" equivalents (blinking leds) and moved from there. Next, when i need an example or some more info (for instance about interruptions, multiplications, divisions) i google few minutes and find what i need ... Currently (after three sunday afternoons on it), I'm able to program a sumo-bot with a 12F675 ...