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batch files Answered

can you get a batch to send itself over the internet



11 years ago

Raptor im trying to mess with my friend whats an easier way to do it]\

Well, there is a lot of factors that play into this. Batch files have much simpler purposes, such as facilitating tedious tasks. They aren't designed to have complex logic. They are good at interfacing with DOS software, so you may want to write a simple executable in a language of your choice, and call that from the batch file. The executabe would do the work of sending the folder containing the executable and the batch file. If you have a batch file that screws with user settings or something like that, and you just want to send it to your friend to mess with them, there are other easier ways.

You want the file to move its self to another machine?

yes and to a specific folder

. You don't give much info, but, in general, here's what I'd do.
. Write a batch/script file that will issue commands to an FTP client. Something along the lines of:
myFTPclient.exe /send /f:myFileName
. See the docs for your FTP client to see what the proper command would be.