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battery powered bike Answered

I saw this bike at the store the other day.  I was in a rush but snapped this shot.  I just wanted to post as food for thought.  It looks like an original set up and relatively  simple idea.  enjoy


That's awesome; thanks for passing it along. I especially like the angle-iron framing -- cheap, but very sturdy. It almost looks like the builder chopped a pair of bikes and joined them, or am I missing something?

If you see it again, with the owner, I hope you'll try to collect some details (maybe offer some I'bles stickers?)!

I need more stickers......any offers. how can I get more?

Send a PM to Staff (Randy, Christy, etc.) or to the Artist-in-Residence. They can mail you a packet if you ask nicely :-)

good looking out.......thanks

I like the use of the standard electrical outlet. Standard pugs for charging........simple and clean.


6 years ago

Thanks for the cool pic..
A DC portable Saw gear down looks inventively origional.
Kudos to the builder..

I wish I was not in a rush. There are more around here hut this was picture worthy. I will make a point to start snapping more pics. This is a bit of a rural area and cops are pretty lax to what you ride around here. From gas bikes , golf carts, to quads with lights........ bike are becoming a thing. There is a $25 air quality "certification sticker" but this guy is in the clear.

(Zooms in)

Ah, he took the blade out...